Livilea App

You bring color to the world. Livilea brings color to you!

No need to wait for your color educator to answer the hotline or for your colleagues to reply to your post online – Livilea is a personal color technician in your pocket.

A new app, that gives you all the support in the color theory that you need, to create your formulas.

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To learn more about the Livilea app, watch these short videos of how it works.

An introduction to the Livilea App

The Color Calculator – The perfect hotline for hairdressers to assist them when coloring hair!

How to use the color wheel, and basic theory in hair coloring

A few tips on how to use developers when coloring hair.

Tips on how to color gray hair.

The Lightening Scale – How to determine underlying pigment when lifting hair.

The Neutralizing Scale – How to neutralize unwanted pigments in hair color.

Pre-pigmentation – How to prepigment hair when coloring


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